… oder zumindest das Modell des Bosses.

Myzrael is a level 44 elite titanic watcher summoned in the Arathi Highlands [62.6, 33.8]. Theldurin the Lost wants Myzrael killed.

Myzrael is a princess of the earth. After she was driven to madness by the Old Gods, the mountain giants, who were crafted by the titans to protect the world, trapped her deep beneath the Arathi Highlands. Only through some crystal shards is she able to speak with the surface world — so she cries for help from the mortal races.

After beeing defeated in the Arathi Highlands and purged of her corruption, Myzrael can now be found in Deepholm walking along at the blue crystals in the northwest of the Temple of Earth and southeast of Needlerock Chasm in the lower shelf of Deepholm.