Item level 483 gear. You can quickly upgrade to the epic item level 496 gear from Timeless Isle chests.
150 gold
4 Embersilk (22-slot) bags
A stack of 20 food items
If a boosted character was already level 60 or above, their existing Primary Professions and First Aid are bumped up to level 600, as mentioned above
A faction-specific flying mount – a traditional Wind Rider for Horde or Gryphon for Alliance
Artisan flying – that’s one rank below max flight speed
Northrend, Kalimdor/Eastern Kingdoms, and Pandaria regional flying skills trained

MMO Champion

Finde ich gut, vor allem, da ich ohnehin mir überlegt habe, wieder ein wenig zu spielen, aber auf leveln so gar keine Lust habe. weil man alle Gebiete nur noch anreißt.