Mr and Mrs WoW

Welcome to the fifth blog post in the “Warcraft Community’s Top Things To Do Before WoD” series! This is a slightly unusual topic as it will not give you  ‚things to do‘, but more celebrating our amazing Community.

This was one category where many people mentioned some form of ‚the Community‘ multiple times in their suggestions: their Guild, friends, helping others, bloggers… the list goes on. If the quotes below don’t make your heart smile, I don’t know what will!


Marathal: „The people first and foremost. Those we play with, talk to, laugh, cry, have fun playing a game that many cannot understand the appeal. They are what makes logging in an doing nothing except hanging out for an evening worth while.“

@Eolien_WoW: „Friend making (that’s a thing)“

@blockrates:  „community and friends“

Ayasun: „playing with other people – possibly even make friends“

We have also written many times about our…

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