World of Warcraft introduces ’silence penalty‘ for abusive players

Players who don’t learn their lesson could be silenced for a very long time

The Independent

Blizzard Entertainment has announced that it plans to implement a range of sanctions against players who are abusive in the World of Warcraft chat system.

Blizzard is calling the punishment “The Silence Penalty”, stating that it will come into effect when a player is reported multiple times under the spam or abusive chat categories.

In order to make sure players aren’t being unfairly reported and silenced, Blizzard says it will investigate a player after multiple flags are raised before deciding whether or not to enforce the silence penalty.

If a player is found guilty of abuse or spam it will result in some serious restrictions on their play.
However, under the penalty players won’t be able to send in-game mail; talk in global channels without a moderator; send party invitations; or send any instance chats.

Da passiert doch ohnehin nichts. Ich werde nie vergessen, als ich von einem Spieler in Burning Crusade als *Blöde Sau* betitelt wurde, weil ich es wagte, früh morgens auf dem Elementarplateu zu farmen. Was ein Gamemaster damals für einen ganz normalen Umgangston hielt.

Solche Vorfälle gab es 1-2 Mal, weswegen ich mir davon exakt nichts verspreche.

Anbei eine recht gute Übersicht in der Gamestar:,52691,3275807.html