Ich bitte die Fehler in Elfies Abschrift zu entschuldigen. Mit Lesen und Schreiben hat sie es nicht so und sie war unter Zeitdruck.

Huginn and Muninn perched on a branch overlooking their master. The big vrykul sat relaxed below eating a particularly lush plum while reading from ancient tablets. The juice from the fruit went drip, drip, drip upon the stone as one turned to the other and cawed.

„What does it say? What is he reading?“ asked Muninn.

Huginn bobbed his head up and down, peering intently with one eye at the rune stone below.

„I cannot read!“ the large raven exclaimed. „You know this. Why do you taunt me?“ Huginn pecked in frustration at his companion.

Muninn defecated, missing the vrykul below by mere inches.

„We should get him to fashion us something. An eye… caw!“ Muninn insisted.

Huginn agreed with his own caw as the vrykul peered up at the two ravens whom only he could understand.

„If you two will give me some peace, I will make you something that will let you read anything your little bird brains desire,“ Havi said. „Now be quiet.“

Time passed, but differently for the ravens as it does for all immortals. They spent centuries reading everything they could get their hands on through the lens of their precious Raven’s Eye. Countless days were spent deciphering old, weatherworn runic carvings in languages long since dead. They were happy. Well, as happy as ravens can be, which is to say, no one believes that they can ever truly be happy. Not even ravens.

Then the day came when the stranger arrived. An elf, one of those new kaldorei, the night elves as everyone else was referring to them. The little people were always so much more annoying than the vrykul. But somehow, this one was different. And he had something in his hand that was the sweetest smelling thing they had ever experienced.

„What is that you have there, my fine-feathered friends,“ the bearded kaldorei asked.

„Caw!“ was the reply that he received, as only their master could understand them. But, the power of the Raven’s Eye allowed them to understand him perfectly. They had long ago learned all of the languages of the small mortal races.

„The three of us share something in common, for my name is Ravencrest. You might say we are kin after a fashion,“ the night elf explained, his voice strangely soothing. „May I try to read that tablet? It looks awfully interesting.“ And with that, the elf slowly edged a little closer to see the runes written upon the stone.

Huginn and Muninn were transfixed by the smell of whatever mysterious delight this Ravencrest held in his closed fist. Their heads bobbed up and done uncontrollable to try to get just the slightest peek at what it might be. They let him move closer.

What danger could a mere elf pose?

The night elf’s brow furrowed and he frowned. He was staring at the tablet that the ravens had been reading, a funny story about a stupid little boy and girl who were tricked by a clever vrykul witch and then eaten.

„Alas, I cannot read this. I do not know the ancient runes of the honorable and proud vrykul people,“ the Ravencrest confessed. He sighed loudly and his shoulders slumped. „I know that ravens are the smartest of all Azeroth’s creatures, but how is it that the two of you can read this timeworn scrawl?“ he coyly asked.

Muninn, ever the suspicious one, pierced the stranger with a look from this left eye, only darting a quick glance once or twice, perhaps three times, at the elf’s closed hand to make certain that whatever was in there had not disappeared.

But, before the doubtful bird could stop him, his more trusting brother gave their secret away. Huginn rapped three times upon their most prized possession. Despite the sharpness of the raven’s beak, no scratch marred the facets of the perfect, magical jewel.

„Oh, how wonderful! Are you saying that bauble allows you to read the stone?“ the sly elf queried. The two birds sat staring at him, their chests puffing up and their hackles rising.

„No, no, friends, you mistake me. I only wish to borrow your jewel. Please, let me use it to read the runes,“ the elf requested.“ After, we can all have a lively discussion about whatever story is written upon the stone. In return, I will give you this.“

The Ravencrest finally revealed what he had been concealing within his hand. To the ravens, it was perhaps the most amazing thing they had ever seen or smelled, second only to Havi’s jewel.

Slowly, the kaldorei placed the hard piece of elven candy on a nearby rock. The ravens twisted their heads back and forth between the jewel, the elf, and the treat. But, it was not long before their nature overtook them and they hopped over to the rock. The candy was delicious, better than anything they had ever eaten, even the food of the gods within the Halls of Valor. They pecked and nibbled at the pieces for what seemed a heavenly age.

When they were done, the two looked up expectantly, hoping that their newfound friend had another piece of the sweet. But, the elf was nowhere to be seen and neither was the Raven’s Eye.

Huginn and Muninn cawed and cawed as loud as they could. And as they took wing, they vowed a solemn oath to one day have their revenge upon the trickster elf and all of his kind.