Is your ilvl 905 or 915? It matters, I guess, for this fight. At 895 I was not even close. Grats! I will give another try after I upgrade my gear:)

Es geht um die Quest Ein unmöglicher Feind welche nur für Spieler machbar ist, welche mindestens einen GS von 900 haben, je nach Klasse auch darüber. Allerdings bekommt die Quet jeder, und nachdem man verwirrt bei WoWHead nachsieht, entdeckt man die Bescherung.

Tried this as 904 equipped Outlaw rogue. It feels impossible. The imps are too spread out to cleave effectively, and even trying Valeera’s pants for sustain I couldn’t keep myself up (not to mention the drain on energy with the high cost of feint means you’re damned either way.

I could see this being fairly easy on a self healing spec with strong sustained aoe but it seems ridiculously difficult for specs that have neither.

It’s just not possible for Outlaw right now with the gear that’s available. Same for assassination. Haven’t tried sub yet.

Das dieser Mist wieder soll, ich weiß es nicht.